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Forged Superlite Caliper (4-POT) Lug Mount

The Superlite caliper has been the workhorse of the Wilwood caliper range enjoying success from fast road to heavy race applications. The new Forged Billet Superlite caliper takes all the best features of the old Superlite Cast caliper but packaged into a lightweight super stiff drop forged billet body.

The forging process aligns the internal grain structure within the billet, resulting in a stress-flowed premium grade alloy billet which is stronger and stiffer than any cast caliper or machined straight block billet. Simply stated, drop forging is the best method from which to construct a strong aluminium caliper body.

The design of the new Superlite is the result of considerable investment in dynamometer testing combined with computer generated modelling and stress/stiffness technology. Wherever possible machined steps have been avoided and radii maximised to increase overall body stiffness and elimination of stress concentration points. Centre bridge bolt assembly replaces split pins and the closed end bridge design all contribute to additional clamping force with minimum deflection under load. Ontrack testing has proven driver satisfaction reporting improved stopping power, a positive firm pedal with less pedal travel.

The caliper utilises Wilwood's 'SRS' - Squeal Reduction System - stainless pad retention plates eliminate bridge wear due to pad gouging and dampen pad rattle/vibration harmonics which are the primary cause of the annoying low speed caliper squeal.

The caliper retains square faced 'O' ring seals for positive sealing, controlled piston retraction and long service life in high temperature conditions and stainless steel deep cut pistons resist corrosion and retard heat transfer.

The new Superlite is a modern replacement for the old 'classic' Superlite IIA, available with 1.38" (35mm) and 1.75" (44.5mm) piston sizes, to suit 21mm, 28mm (new) and 32mm disc widths, disc diameters 260mm to 335mm.  Please check dimensions if you are replacing the old Superlite as they are not identical profiles!

The full range of Polymatrix pads are available for street, rally and race applications including the revolutionary new Q type ceramic pad ideal for low noise/minimal dust street applications.

Application Information / Part Numbers For Ordering:
Bore SizeDisc WidthPart Number

Note: Please select caliper part number and caliper finish from the drop down below.

Type III Mil-Spec hard anodizing replaces Type II black anodizing as the standard finish on all base and powder coat finish caliper models. This process produces a thicker, harder surface with a rich, medium-gray appearance.  More importantly, it creates a more durable wear surface in the piston bores, with increased resistance to abrasion and corrosion over the entire external surface of the caliper.

Available Options:
Brake Caliper Part Number:  

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Forged Superlite Caliper (4-POT) Lug Mount
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Forged Superlite Caliper (4-POT) Lug Mount
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Forged Superlite Caliper (4-POT) Lug Mount
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