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Retrotrip 2 Tripmeter - NEW - The Classique

The Retrotrip2 has been designed for approval for use on many historic or retrospective rallies to fill the vacuum left by a shortage
of mechanical tripmeters. Those competitors who could source a genuine period tripmeter with the correct functions and with sufficient spare parts to get it calibrated were felt to have an unfair advantage. The Retrotrip has the functions and instant 'one in a thousand' calibration accuracy for any wheel changes etc, plus can be seen to be 'fiddle proof' because of the old style electro-mechanical clicking digits, hence its' widespread approval. The Retrotrip can be used with a wide range of motion sensors, but the universal speedometer cable sensor is the one recommended. See the separate sheet for correct connection to the grey cable. The black cable connects brown to +12 volts and the green/yellow connects to -12 volts, both of which should be directly to the battery terminals via a 2 amp fuse and not to chassis or existing vehicle power points. The highest quality connections are needed (definitely not crimps!). Cars not using the modern negatively earthed alternator type charger should use the Brantz Power Conditioner to get a reliable power source.
Failure to do this can cause counter mis-match. Calibration: To measure hundredths of a mile, set the rotary switches (they may have central button actuators which require pen-push operation) to 100 then go to the start of a measured mile. Zero the readouts. Drive exactly a mile at no more than 20mph and stop. Note that there is a limit to how fast the readouts can step, and this can easily be exceeded during calibration although this will not be a problem with the higher calibration figure derived and actually used later. The three digit figure which has accumulated during the mile should be entered onto the rotary switches. The mile should then measure as a mile. Trim the figure up or down a digit to optimize. The above procedure can be used to calibrate in kilometres, but substitute the word 'kilometre' for the word 'mile'.


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